Meet the DJs

Carl Russo

Carl grew up with plenty of street & strip drag racing, stock car racing, and playing musical instruments and having a good time. 

He would then apply that energy into rock & roll and a career in radio. A major market radio personality, TV personality, and radio station owner, he did it all. 

His sense of civic duty was also a priority for Carl wherever he went. He served as a fireman in many cities where he’s worked.  

Catch Carl overnights from midnight to 5am on Classic Rock 93.1 KBDZ

JD & Bridget

It’s been pretty much rock and more rock since JD got into radio. From his air work to programming radio stations he’s kept busy.  Co-hosting with Bridget now is one of his greatest thrills since they have so much fun working together.  When not rocking the listeners JD is an avid sports fan. Football, hockey, basketball, and especially baseball since he played it through college.  Movies are his other love getting swept away with the latest action adventure blockbuster and a big bucket of popcorn.

Bridget took the college route to get in radio, graduating with a degree in Radio & Television.  Ever since she’s produced and hosted many air shifts playing classic rock to oldies. Bridget loves to be out-and-about, whether it’s rooting for the home team, checking out the latest watering hole, or eating at the newest restaurant in town.  It’s always good beer drinking weather by the way.  When it comes to Bridget’s taste in music, she’s an unapologetic Rockhead.  Old rock, new rock, she loves it all.

You can catch from 5am to 6am on Classic Rock 93.1 - KBDZ

JC Corcoran

One of St. Louis’ most-recognizable people, JC has been a successful radio and television personality, columnist, local Emmy winner, author and father.

Corcoran arrived in The Gateway City in 1984, and things haven’t been the same since.

It's hard to name a celebrity JC hasn't interviewed, a topic to which he hasn't added his unique perspective or a charity that hasn't benefited from exposure on his show. Avid listeners recall "The Showgram's" live broadcasts from the annual Cubs-Cards weekends in Chicago (including the first-ever night game at Wrigley Field), from Moscow during the 1990 May Day festivities, and from locations like Phoenix, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Hawaii, Disney World in Orlando, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Mexico, as well as from the 1985 World Series games in Kansas City, the 1987 World Series in Minneapolis and the 2006 World Series in Detroit.

In keeping with his strong music presence, JC also has broadcast memorable shows from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, the Grammys in New York and Hollywood and the famed Abbey Road Studios in London.

In 2001 JC was honored at the St. Louis "Air Awards" with the prestigious March of Dimes "Lifetime Achievement Award," and he still maintains a close relationship with the Salvation Army, having raised over a quarter-million dollars and over fifty tons of food via the "Food and Cash Salvation Bash,” the "Cans Film Festival” and other projects.

In 2008 Corcoran was named Media Person of the Year by the St. Louis Restaurant Association. JC's books, "Twenty Years of JC...The Man, The Legend, The Lawsuit" and "Real Life Stories of JC and The Breakfast Club or Twenty Minutes in the Dark with Madonna" were area best-sellers for Virginia Publishing.

In 1998, JC learned his annual home-opener baseball radio special was added to the archives of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

In 1995 and again in 2009 he had the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a St. Louis Cardinal game at Busch Stadium.

Whether it’s his memorable interviews with stars like Tom Hanks, Oprah and David Letterman, one-on-ones with sports figures like Mike Matheny, Tony LaRussa and Terry Bradshaw, entertaining segments with regular guests like Bob Costas, or bizarrely funny bits like the birthday break-in at St. Louis newsman Mike Bush’s house, it seems everyone has a favorite JC Corcoran moment.

Now, JC takes over the new “Classic Rock 93.1 KBDZ” 6am-to-9am slot with “The Morning Showgram,” playing 100%, pure classic rock, complete with a massive, 50,000-watt signal covering the majority of the St. Louis metro, and pushing as far as Cape Girardeau to the south, across southwestern Missouri, and well into southwestern Illinois.


McKenzie hit the ground running in a major market with her very first job over thirty years ago. Writing, producing, programming, and being a top rated personality, she’s done it all.  

McKenzie’s a big fan of the outdoors.  Exercising, walking her dogs, playing softball, and spending time with her daughter. 

She likes all kinds of music but has a passion mostly for classic rock.  Led Zeppelin, Rush, Eric Clapton, and Van Halen are what she grew up with so they bring back fond memories.

Catch McKenzie from 9am to 2pm weekdays on Classic Rock 93.1 KBDZ.

Dan Mitchell

Dan has been in radio for almost 40 years.  

His love of music began in the 60's when he used to hear the latest hits on the Jukebox at his father's Pool Hall.  He was hooked! 

Dan decided in 7th grade that he wanted to be a disc jockey and never let go of that dream.  He started his career in his hometown of Denver in the summer of 1980 and spent the next 36 years on the air in the same city he grew up in. 

He's been married to his lovely wife Kathleen since January of 81.  They have a son and a daughter and two granddaughters! 

Dan is an avid basketball player, movie watcher and classic car lover.  He's thrilled to still be "in the air" and rockin'!

Catch Dan from 2pm to 6pm on Classic Rock 93.1 KBDZ!

Dan DiMaria

Dan was born into a large family from New York so he learned early to either talk louder or get a microphone.  He chose the latter and got his first job in radio when he was 14. 

Sports has always been a love of Dan’s whether he’s actively playing or watching from the sidelines.  He’s big on family and friends too, and always enjoys nature with his hiking trips and his new hobby of firing up the BBQ smoker. 

Dan’s mostly casual all the way with 50% of his wardrobe being rock T-shirts.

Catch Dan spinning Classic Rock That Really Rocks weeknight from 9pm to midnight on Classic Rock 93.1 KBDZ